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Inherently Human

Our Thesis

Work is an inherently human experience and we believe the future of work is about people. We live in a world where technology is accelerating faster than our ability to adapt, and it’s creating multi-trillion-dollar skill gaps across all industries. Just as technology is driving this disruption, we believe the human-centered solutions are the answer. The Future of Work Studios is building the companies that will bridge the skills gap and empower the humans of the future.

our Approach

What we do.



We establish, launch and build companies focused on the future of work and education


We invest in companies we believe will play a big part in building the future of work we envision


We advise the C-suite on navigating the future of work, solving problems together

Companies We've Founded

Our Investments

* Held by Future of Work partners; not Future of Work Studios LLC

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Infinite Possibilities

Build the future of work

Have the skills to help our one of our companies build the future of work and learning? Reach out and let's chat.

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